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Executive Editor: The Rt Rev. Richard Taylor

Editor: Matej Malicek
Please send (or continue to send) articles. The articles can be of sermons, church matters, events in different parishes or your thoughts concerning a particular intent during the year (it doesn’t have to be within the season of the intent) – anything to do with the church.

The more of you that provide articles (short or long articles – within reason) the more diverse, informative and enjoyable the magazine will be for the LCC community; the LCC family.

You may also find writing will help you think more deeply about the teachings of the church, express yourself and perhaps (most likely) it will be good for your health and wellbeing.

Don’t be shy – we will do the editing and layout for you; without altering your message. Although it must be considered by our Bishop (The Rt Rev Richard Taylor) to ensure it is within the scope of the Magazine and the Liberal Catholic Church policy.

Communion Magazine will be published each year in:

April – articles submitted after 1st March may be deferred to a later addition
August – articles received after 15th July may be deferred to a later addition and
December – articles received after 15th November may be deferred to a later addition
Note: Articles may also be deferred dependant on other factors affecting publication of the magazine
Please submit all Articles to by email – attached Word Document (.doc/.docx) format, to:

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